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Please make your gift today, and know that your support will have double the impact to help us get our Action Heroes back on the stage and our Teaching Artists full force at SLAM as we emerge from a challenging time rattled but resilient.

We at STREB believe in making an IMPACT! We shake the earth, rattle walls and nerves, and stir the spirits of our students, audiences, and community to change the world through action.  As we emerge from the disruptive but instructive year of the pandemic, we are even more inspired and emboldened to chase the moonshot visions of Elizabeth Streb—to realize in new ways her dream of human flight, and to continue cultivating a community space whose tendrils reach out to encompass and engage the entire global community through a commitment to, and embodiment of our open access ethos.

To thrive and adapt in the new future, we ask you to join us in making this IMPACT. Your support will help us invent, create, and share our programming with the world—and then MARS! A gift in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

As we continue to navigate the longer term impacts of Covid-19, we need your support to ensure our survival, and to keep our artists and staff safe and employed. Your gift, in any amount, will allow us to:

– Mitigate the financial impact from cancellations, postponements and changes to our programming;
– Keep our artists and staff engaged and employed;
– Ensure access to our programs for all through our ongoing free programming, scholarship programs and community partnerships;
– Continue to invent and innovate so we can inspire and empower our students
– Share the work and legacy of our founder and artistic director, Elizabeth Streb with the world in new innovative ways;
– Keep our community together, connected, and growing.

We are committed to helping everyone stay present, grounded and empowered through this uncertain time. Though this virus might put some physical distance between all of us, we will continue to investigate the inspiring principles and spirit of STREB safely, in the ways we can during this time.

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Your tax deductible gift allows us to continue to invent, experiment, investigate, and awe audiences through the work of our company. It helps us educate, inspire and empower through our education and community partnership programs, and it helps us provide equal access to everything we do for students and families with financial need.

STREB’s mission is to support and perform the work of choreographer Elizabeth Streb. Built around Streb’s organizing principle “Extreme Action,” a movement style that thrills audiences with choreographed feats of physicality, scientifically planned chaos, strength, risk, grace, and elegance, STREB engages diverse audiences and communities via a broad range of performance and education programming that provides access to, and participation in, creation and presentation.

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STREB is grateful to all of our supporters. Fiscal Year 2019-20 Donors listed are of $100 or more.

Donors from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020

Funders for web

Visionary Sponsor ($25,000):
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Howard Gilman Foundation
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project
New York Community Trust
Robert Pollock
Ellen Poss
Andrea Woodner and Allison Kavey

Extreme Action Heroes ($15,000):
Marcy Carsey
George Loening and Kimbrough Towles
New York City Council – Steven Levin
Select Equity Group

Action Aces ($10,000):
Hugo Barreca
Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
Robert and Sylvie Fitzpatrick
Hyde & Watson Foundation
John Charles Thomas and Emily Russell
Craig Tooman and Jill Crawford

Daredevil ($5,000):
Dan Allen
Hank and Gerry Alpert
Cristina Arguedas and Carole Migden
Kerry Clayton and Paige Royer
Molly Davies and Polly Motley
Steven Feldman and Gina Love
Gregor Gerlach
Agnes Gund
Neil and Machiko Mazzella
Ari Plosker
James E. Robison Foundation
Edward Wilson and Hesu Coue-Wilson
Paul Wolf and Caroline Sacio

Risk Taker ($2,500):
Jody and John Arnhold
Cheryl and Max Batzer
Alisa Cohn and Eric Schurenburg
Sophia Collier
Kimberly Conner and Nick Groombridge
Vishal Garg
Paula Gifford and Chris McKenzie
Marian Godfrey
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Joseph Mizzi
Susan Nimoy
Julie Scelfo and James Cavoli
Catharine Stimpson and Liz Wood
Claire Weisz and Mark Yoes

Friend ($750):
Susan Allee
Serra Arican
Amanda Artem
Alberta Arthurs
Catherine Bishop and J.K. Donnelly
Elaine and Norm Brodsky
Susan Chin and Charles McKinney
Joel Conarroe
Elizabeth Diller and Ric Scofidio
Anita Durst and Rick Kariolic
Gale Elston
Iris and Robert Fanger
Joan Finkelstein
Stephanie Flanders and John Arlidge
Arthur Gabinet
Harkness Foundation for Dance
Aleck Karis and Karen Hirschfeld
Larry Keigwin
Rob Krulak
Dorothy Lawson
M&T Bank Foundation
Heather Mitchell
Rosalind Petchesky
Alisa Regas and John Lichtenstein
Dr. Donald and Victoria Rose
Ellen Salpeter
Donna Segal
William Siroty and William Stelling
Michael Stern
Sarah Tiziana Levi
Roger Tobin and Barbara Payne
Gerry Wang
Asaf Yogev and Pawel Tkaczuk
Heide and David Zufall

Patron ($500):
Schuyler Allen
David Aronowitz
Cathie Behrend
Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
Brooks Cushman
Danita Geltner and Thomas Gentile
Marion Koltun-Dienstag
Cynthia Mayeda
Clara Miller and Chris Jenkins
Ann Philbin and Cynthia Wornham
Suzanne Shaker and Pete Dandridge
Clay Shirky
Gus Solomons, Jr.
Urvashi Vaid and Kate Clinton

Supporter ($250):
Caroline Amaba
Rachel Bellow
Brian Berkopec
Ellen Harvey and Thomas Campbell
Majora Carter and James Chase
Kay and Leighton Chen
Antonia Contro and George Marquisos
Jennifer Donnalley
Sharai and Yoidette Erima
Lorraine Ferguson and Adam Weinberg
Joan Firestone
Meg Harper and Joan Reutershan
Joseph Lentol
Julian Lethbridge and Ann Bass
Deborah Marton
Harry Mizrahi
Alyse Myers
Jon Nakagawa and Richard Willard
Susannah Newman
Barbara Niederkofler
Colleen and Tom Otterness
Rebecca Slotkin
Elizabeth Streb
Cynthia Wang
Martin Wechsler and David Fanger
Joni Wehrli
Philip Yenawine and Leo Buser

Contributor ($100):
Antonina Agrusa
Joel Appelbaum
Sean Bacchus
Christina Burns and Isaac Henderson
Michelle Byrd
Megan Callaghan
Kendall Charter
Christine Chen and Adam Ingrassia
Anita Contini and Steve Van Anden
Jacqueline Davis
Beverly Forsyth
Jonah Free
Michael Gavin
Laura Goodman
David Gordon and Valda Setterfield
Charlotte Gould
Karen Hershey and Larry Greene
Susan Ingrassia
Karen Jenkins
Mary Lucier
Elysa Marden
Helen and Brice Marden
Julie and Alex Margolies
Deborah McClellan
Terry McGovern and Sabrina Artel
Ann Mitchell
Peter Mitchell
Carolyn Paradise
Shari Pascarosa
Tina Piccirillo
Christina Porter and Warner Lewis
Noni Pratt
Lucy and Robert Reitzfeld
Rachel Riddle
David Rind
Jordan Rosin
Robert Saffayeh
Lewis Schiff
Tanya Selvaratnam
Paula Silverstone
Jennifer Smith
Jerry Stein
Jean Steiner
Caitlin Strokosch
Lili Taylor
Vivienne Tooman
Sharon Ullman
June Wang
Emiliya Zhivitivskaya

Matching Gifts:

Action Maverick Award Benefit


This award celebrates those transgressive action specialists whose seemingly reckless journeys are, in reality, a society’s insignia for bravery and courage. These action maverick heroes exist as a constant and eternal reminder of all the moves yet left to do.

2020 Action Maverick Award Benefit
Honoring Joshua Ramus
May 11, 2020, 7 pm

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s benefit!


Thank you for your support!