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A note from our friend, Laurie Anderson:

As we approach the end of this year, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable tenacity of the arts in our communities—a glue holding together our spirits. My comrades at STREB are no strangers to this journey. For more than four decades, this iconic cultural arts organization has been a beacon of creativity and community and for the last 20 years has built their home STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From the thousands of audience members awed by the unbelievable feats of action performed by STREB EXTREME ACTION to the more than 1,500 students who take lessons at STREB’s action lab and within the community, it is undeniable: STREB makes an impact .

STREB is a living, breathing part of the public landscape. It is the space where innovation and imagination collide to give way to new ideas and perspectives. It is the soul of our communities, both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where it’s lived for the last 20 years, throughout the five boroughs and beyond. It is a place where neighbors become friends, and friends become family. It is where we celebrate the richness of our diversity and the beauty of our shared experiences.

Sustaining an organization like STREB is not without its challenges. Reduced funding, increased operational expenses, and the shifting landscape of the arts scene has made charging forward more difficult. Yet, even in the face of adversity, STREB has continued to inspire, innovate, and uplift. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of STREB. Their endurance is our collective responsibility.

This is where we, patrons of the arts, community collaborators, come into play. We have the opportunity to be the lifeline that sustains SLAM. We can ensure that the work of STREB continues to make its impact.

I urge you to join me in helping STREB to match the generous gift of $75,000 from an anonymous supporter. Let us be the force that helps this space overcome the challenges it faces. Your support enable STREB to keep its doors open, its programs thriving, and its community growing. Keep STREB flying high!

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With gratitude and hope,

Laurie Anderson

STREB Action Maverick Award Recipient, 2016


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Purchase a Limited Edition T-Shirt

There’s a new STREB t-shirt in town. In celebration of the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics’ 20th year, we’re releasing this limited edition t-shirt featuring the Action Architect and her Action Proclamation that started it all.

Click the link below to purchase a shirt and we’ll set one aside for you to pick up on your next visit to SLAM. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to support all the little unexpected costs that come up at SLAM.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies
Brooklyn Borough President’s Office
Howard Gilamn Foundation
George Loening & Kimbrough Towles
National Endowment for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts
Neil* and Machiko Mazzela
Andrea Woodner* and Allison Kavey

Extreme Action Heroes ($15,000-$24,999):

Marcy Carsey
Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
Select Equity Group
Craig Tooman* and Jill Crawford

Action Aces ($10,000-$14,999):

Hank and Gerry Alpert
Elaine and Norm Brodsky
Kerry Clayton and Paige Royer
Laura Donnelley
Lauren Hutton
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
Carey Lovelace and Michelle Stuart
James E Robison Foundation
Holton Rower
Pat Steir and Joost Elffers
Edward Wilson and Hesu Coue-Wilson

Daredevil ($5,000-$9,999):

Dan Allen
Cristina Arguedas and Carole Migden
Giorgio Armani
The Arnhold Foundation, Inc.
Alberta Arthurs
Alisa Cohn Charitable Foundation
Anita Durst
Paula Gifford* and Chris McKenzie
Agnes Gund
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
Drew McCoy and Amy Aquino
Robert Pollock
Jed Walentas
Paul Wolf *and Carolina Sacio

Risk Taker ($2,500-$4,999):

Cheryl and Max Batzer
Hugo Barreca
Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid
Kimberly Conner and Nicholas Groombridge
Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio
Craig Dykers and Elaine Molinar
Susan Nimoy
Jeffery Seller
Snohetta P.C.
John Charles Thomas and Emily Russell
Robert and Annie Tirschwell
Roger Tobin and Bonnie Payne

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The Bigwood Foundation
Catherine Bishop and J.K. Donnelly
Majora Carter* and James Chase
Katrina Cary and Manu Bammi
Elizabeth Duggan
V Ensler
Laura Flanders*
Robert Gober and Donald Moffett
Marian Godfrey
Cory Greenberg
Karen Krahulik
M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
Claire Marin and Cathy Leidersdorff
Cynthia Mayeda
Terry McGovern
Clara Miller and Chris Jenkins
Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni
Donald and Victoria L. Rose
Ellen Salpeter
Julie Scelfo and James Cavoli
Suzanne Shaker and Pete Dandridge
Douglas Steiner
Catharine Stimpson and Elizabeth Wood
Martin Wechsler and David Fanger
Brooke Williams* and Josh Liberson
Heide and David Zufall

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Susan Allee
Schuyler Allen
Elias and Rochelle Alvin
Barbara Becker
Andrea Brown
Christine Chen and Adam Ingrassia
Francesco and Alba Clemente
Pat Cruz
Beth DeWoody
Robert and Iris Fanger
Danita Geltner and Thomas Gentile
Sarah Guinan Nixon
Andrea Kirsch
Rob Krulak
Christina Liao
Alex and Julie Margolies
Barbara Niederkofler
Rosalind Petchesky
William Siroty and William Stelling
Claire Weisz and Mark Yoes
Ann Zirkle

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Sabrina Artel
Brian Berkopec
Amy Cassello and Anne Davison
Mark Colon
Brooks Cushman
Sarah Gifford
Joann Gilbert Holmes
Meg Harper and Joan Reutershan
Karen Jenkins
Jon Nakagawa and Richard Willard
Susannah Newman
Nat Oppenheimer and Karen Frome
Ann Philbin and Cynthia Wornham
Laura Reynolds
Shannon Reynolds
Joan Shigekawa
Diana Son and Michael Cosaboom
Matthew Stromberg
Marjorie Tiven
Margaret Wehrli

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Rachel Bellow
George Bermudez and Joy Silverman
Iris and Frank Bessell
Ana Maria Bernardo
Anne Bogart and Rena Chelouche Fogel
Justin Carter
Hope Clark
Clare Coss and Blanche Cook
Meaghan Creydt
Milly Daniel
Jacqueline Davis
Lydia Davis and Alan Cote
Peter Dean
Sloane Dierks and Dara Dierks
Sharai Erima and Yoidette Erima
Felicity Eve and Rupert Eve
Deborah Felstehausen
Charles Gayner
Nancy Grossman
Adam Gilfix and Ramona Negroponte
Donna Hill and Christ Raup
Kayla Jenkins
Kim Landsman
Dorothy Lawson
Brett Mangels
Ann Mitchell
Heather Mitchell and Peter Tysver
Kathy Nobles
Noni Pratt
Valery Richman
Lousie Rogers
Anna Scattolin
Selim and Deniz Sezgin
Paula Silverstone
Frances Sperling
Stacey Symonds and Paul Davidoff
Asaf Yogev

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Barano, Blonde&Co, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Cat Gund, Deborah Czeresko, Fabio Tavaras, Gnarly Vines, Jackie Carlson, Jacob’s Pillow, KineSpirit, Larry Warsh, ModoYoga, Moxy Hotel, National Sawdust, NeonFab, New York City Center, Roni Horn, Christopher McKenzie, The Met Opera, Wine & Spirits Magazine

* STREB Board of Directors


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