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STREB performance in Breckenridge pushes the limits of possibility

The New Yorker –
Rough- And- Tumble: Elizabeth Streb’s daredevil dances By: Alec Wilkinson

Business Insider- Watch These Daredevil Dancers Leap From a 22-Foot Spinning Ladder review from the State Theatre Performance

Jessica Kennedy, a 5th grade teacher at New Brunswick’s Roosevelt Elementary School gives us her (and her kids’) review of STREB’s NJ State Theatre Performance

Interview with Elizabeth in BOMB magazine

Things to Watch and Read

From our friends at the Walker Arts Center, enjoy  this 1997 interview between Elizabeth Streb and curator Philip Bither.

Check out this Risky Talking conversation with Anna Deveare Smith, A.M Homes and Elizabeth Streb, moderated by Laura Flanders, who will be hosting our AMA Benefit on Monday.

From our friends at The Graduate Center at CUNY, revisit Elizabeth Streb’s talk “How to Become an Extreme Action Hero”

HERE’s another gem from the archives from our friends at The Joyce:


From our friends at The New Yorker: Read this Profile on Elizabeth Streb! by Alec Wilkinson and watch this accompanying video

Read Elizabeth Streb’s How to Become an Extreme Action Hero(Available on Kindle) and stay tuned for a virtual book club event.


From our friends at The Rubin Museum, this great conversation between Elizabeth Streb and Dr. John W. Krakauer on “The Power of Practice and Learning to Fly” from the Rubin’s Brainwave series, pairing neuroscientists and artists in conversation.

From our friends at Americans for the Arts – who are doing so much great arts advocacy right now – we’re happy to share this keynote address that Elizabeth gave at the 2014 National Arts Marketing Project Conference. Cue to 38:00 for the start of her talk.

We pulled out this gem from our friends at the Merce Cunningham Trust. Remembering how Merce smoothly and innovatively pivoted to using Lifeforms as a technological tool to choreograph inspires us at this moment:

Watch Elizabeth Streb’s TED Talk and further the discussion!
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Watch Born to Fly! (Stream it on Amazon Prime)

Born to Fly