Street and Mailing Address

51 North 1st Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11249
telephone: 718-384-6491
fax: 718-384-6490

Staff Listing

Artistic Director: Elizabeth Streb
Executive Director: Christine Chen
Associate Artistic Director/Education Director: Cassandre Joseph
Finance Manager: Henry Liles
España–Streb Trapeze Academy Director: Bobby Hedglin-Taylor
Director of Programming: Mary Schindler
Company Manager: Shannon Reynolds
Intern Coordinator: Gabby Cirilo


Now Hiring: Technical Director

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Rental and Special Event Inquiries

To Book STREB EXTREME ACTION Performance Engagements & Residencies

Anne McDougall
Tel: (718) 384-6491

To Book Elizabeth Streb for Speaking Engagements

Shannon Reynolds
Tel: (718) 384-6491

Board of Directors

Christine Chen (ex-officio)
Robert Fitzpatrick
Laura Flanders
Neil Mazzella
Robert Reitzfeld
Elizabeth Streb
John Charles Thomas
Craig Tooman
Paul Wolf
Andrea Woodner

Advisory Board

Alberta Arthurs
Rachel Bellow
Brian Berkopec
Michelle Byrd
Susan Chin
Antonia Contro
Kristy Edmunds
Danita S. Geltner
Thomas A. Gentile
Paula Gifford

Carey Lovelace
Helen Marden
Harry Mizrahi
Ann Philbin
Ellen Salpeter
Suzanne Shaker
Holly Sidford
William Siroty
Doug Steiner
Catharine R. Stimpson
Liz Wood
Philip Yenawine