SEA is a wild kaleidoscope of Action Events and music; human bodies careening through, around, and above invented hardware accompanied by local guest DJs and STREB’s resident DJ & Emcee.
SEA has been conceived to fit in a myriad of traditional and alternative performance space with Action Events mixed and matched to suit a specific audience and / or venue.
SEA combines new work with reimagined signature pieces, instilling them with new life and energy.   Elizabeth Streb: “In the past few years, it occurred to me that instruments in an orchestra don’t just compose one symphony. A guitar doesn’t just invent one riff or a single melody.  Our ‘action machines’ have more than one dance in them”.
“Watching STREB-SEA, from your seat you fly and writhe with each company member as they dare to defy gravity; the audience reaction is a singular response of gasps, relief and applause, all underscored by a fun and funky music score!” – Eric Fliss, Managing Director – South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center 
SEA at a glance:
  • Stage configuration adaptable to all venue shapes, sizes and locations both indoor and outside
  • Performance length adapted to suit venue needs (anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes)
  • Same day load-in, set-up and evening performance
  • All equipment is self-supporting; no need to lag into the stage floor!
  • Lights provided by Venue Rep Plot so no lengthy focus
  • A local DJ can be incorporated into the performance, spinning tunes alongside STREB’s resident MC
  • Possible KidAction Residency & Performance
For more information or to book SEA:

Anne McDougall


*Please note that the number of events and running order may be modified as required by Venue/Presenter.

Commissioned by Wolf Trap to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Flight. Pure and sustained airborne action on an Olympic trampoline. 

An examination of gravity and form on a slanted 8-foot square. Commissioned by Fall For Dance Festival 2016

An homage to Harry Houdini designed with human bodies rather than locks.  Eight dancers inhabit a small plexi-glass box stacking themselves on top of one another.  A ninth performer wriggles and writhes through the box to make an escape.

STREB’s Extreme Action Heroes flirt, skirt and circumvent a 2 ton steel I-beam challenging the physics of centrifugal force, gravity and acceleration.  

Inspired by 1970s performance art piece, two performers tethered together by a length of rope. Forces that attract and repel, push and pull. A stark yet poetic microcosm of human relationships and raw physical power.

A kaleidoscopic physical occupation: performers confront a vertical wall like flies on a glue strip, sticking, sliding, hitting and disappearing.

High-speed angels hurtling to a center spot, a sprung square, as if balanced on the head of a pin.  Defying Newton and achieving “same space, same time” with interwoven bodies.

Elizabeth Streb calls it her purest idea of how much the physical body can do “in a space measured exactly to the size of your own body”

Fly. Fall. Land. Repeat.

An action packed, adult-strength, prototypic teeter-totter for the stout of heart.  A children’s playground fixture examined by muscular, gravity-challenged grownups.  The teeter-totter severely limits the movement spectrum — nowhere to go but up (and down).

A gleaming aluminum 21-foot turning ladder, inspired by the essential, quotidian fire escape and the myth of Sisyphus.  Eight dancers inhabit and negotiate the spinning rungs with nerve and split second timing as their own gravity propels the rungs ever faster creating moments of hard-won, graceful beauty.  The mission for the dancers: Never Let Go! Commissioned by Fall For Dance Festival 2016


Total Running Time: approximately 90 minutes including 15-minute intermission

“Watching STREB is akin to the catharsis of contact sports except no one is trying to make anyone lose. Everyone is on the same team with a trust, cohesion, and intimate intuition that evince awe.” – John Stoltenberg – DC Metro Theater Arts

Slideshow images by Teresa Wood
Costumes by Andrea Lauer

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The official SEA Promo Video
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“STREB stretches the boundaries of traditional dance, circus, and gymnastics to create a thrilling movement-based performance unlike anything I’ve seen before. The relaxed environment mixed with the professional quality of the production and performance really made for a fun and unique experience. The audience loved it and so did I!” – Jeffery Martin, Producer / Presenter – Brigham Young University

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