Initially supported by the Jerome Foundation, SLAM has been a creative center for five emerging artists annually who use SLAM to push their own artistic boundaries. Six months of creative development by the artists culminate in a performance full of new ideas and new action.
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GO!, STREB’s Commissioning Program, housed at SLAM, accepts proposals from artists whose work is movement-based, including choreographers, aerialists and circus artists (Limit one application per artist).

The goal of the program is to create a pool of artists who can capitalize on the resources distinct to SLAM so that, either literally or conceptually, the space’s special and unusual characteristics and qualities inform and inspire new and exciting creative experiments.

GO! artists have various opportunities to showcase work throughout its development and receive feedback.
Selected artists receive a grant and a specific amount of time, space and resources tailored to the nature and scope of each particular project.

2018-2019 Awardees
Stacey Carlson
Sophie Sotsky
Ayal Prouser
Christopher Rudd
Daniel Rysak

2017-2018 Awardees
Cheryl Lewis
Gabrielle Revlock
Ayal Prouser
Ogemdi Ude
Sarah Wollschlager

2016-2017 Awardees
Abby Z and the New Utility
Cortney Andrews
Lisa Jamhoury
Roi King
Stephanie Saywell

2015-2016 Awardees
Binbin Factory
Marcela Duarte
Justina Grayman
Sophie Sotsky
Jamarious Stewart



2014-2015  Awardees
Loganne Bond
Cassady Rose Bonjo
Margot Gelber
Christopher Rudd
Manor House

2013-2014 Awardees
Sarah Donnelly and Eto Otitigbe
Eric Eliacin
Viktor Franyo
Yara Travieso
Françoise Voranger

2012-2013 Awardees
Zaire Baptiste
Uys du Buisson
Leila Ghaznavi
Pascal Rekoert
Fabio Tavares Da Silva


2011-2012 Awardees
Angela Buccinni
Kiebpoli Calnek
Chris Delgado
Courtney Giannone
Samantha Jakus

2010-2011 Awardees
Ryan Brewer
Uys du Buisson and Cory Antiel
Mana Kawamura
Rebecca Stronger
Ashley Walters


2009-2010 Awardees
Matthew Tarr and Uys Du Buisson
The Espana/STREB Trapeze Academy Fly Team
Saul Ulerio
Time Lapse Dance

2008-2009 Awardees

Kyle Abraham
Ami Ipapo and Matthew Tarr
Angela Jones and Laura Witwer
Kitao Sakurai