Monday, May 11, 2020

STREB Honors this year’s
Action Maverick Award Winner,

Joshua Ramus

A visionary architect whose firm REX
consistently challenges and advances
building typologies, and
promotes the agency of architecture.

Monday, May 11, 2020

What is an Action Maverick

An original. A person that breaks the rules, re-interprets or establishes new parameters of their craft. New artistic, educational, scientific visions. A risk taker. A hero.

STREB’s Action Maverick Award Benefit celebrates the heroes who inspire us, and serves as our signature fundraising event, helping us to pursue our mission and sustain our entire organization. Funds raised support Elizabeth Streb’s design and invention of new machines which allow our Action Heroes to explore and discover new movement territories. It makes possible our creative collaborations, educational partnerships and community engagement programs that inspire and empower the Action Heroes and leaders of tomorrow. And, it ensures that our performances and educational opportunities remain accessible to all through our scholarship and ticket subsidy programs.

Past Action Mavericks

2019 Nona Hendryx and Barbara Hillary
2018 Billie Jean King & Ilana Kloss
2017 Neil A. Mazzella
2016 Laurie Anderson
2015 Dean Potter
2014 Bill T. Jones & Bjorn Amelan
2013 Snohetta

2012 Bettina Drummond
2011 Diana Nyad
2010 Trisha Brown
2009 Cheryl Stearns
2008 Hugh Herr
2007 Noe and Ivan Espana
2006 Philippe Petit
2005 John and Sage Cowles