BILLIE JEAN KING. She’s the first female athlete and the

first woman from the LGBT community to receive the

Presidential Medal of Freedom. She founded the

Women’s Sports Foundation, co-founded World

TeamTennis and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative,

and she is not done yet.

Action? Yes! Maverick. You Bet!

ILANA KLOSS. She was the #1 doubles player in the

world, a Grand Slam champion and the youngest #1

player in South African tennis history. She is the Vice

President of Billie Jean King Enterprises, co-founder

of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative and the

Commissioner of World TeamTennis.

Together, they are a Team and a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

 This award celebrates those transgressive action specialists whose seemingly reckless journeys are, in reality, a society’s insignia for bravery and courage. These action maverick heroes exist as a constant and eternal reminder of all the moves yet left to do.

What is an Action Maverick?

An original. A person that breaks the rules, re-interprets or establishes new parameters of their craft. New artistic, educational, scientific visions. A risk taker. A hero.

The Action Maverick Award Benefit celebrates the bravery, strength, courage, openness and interdependence that both SLAM and STREB embody. It manifests the possibilities inherent in a unique place like SLAM. Funds raised from the Action Maverick Benefit support free and low cost SLAM programming, numerous community partnerships and creative collaborations that change lives. Each year at SLAM, 6,000 artists and students of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds push internal and external boundaries to create a unique and growing community through Extreme Action.

Past Action Mavericks

2017 Neil A. Mazzella
2016 Laurie Anderson
2015 Dean Potter
2014 Bill T. Jones & Bjorn Amelan
2013 Snohetta
2012 Bettina Drummond
2011 Diana Nyad

2010 Trisha Brown
2009 Cheryl Stearns
2008 Hugh Herr
2007 Noe and Ivan Espana
2006 Philippe Petit
2005 John and Sage Cowles